Our Funeral Plan

Many people consider it worthwhile putting into writing their funeral wishes or those of someone close to them in advance. We are happy to discuss various options with you and we can hold your requirements in confidential files for safe-keeping.

It is also possible to pay in advance for funeral arrangements. By deciding to pay for a ‘funeral plan’ you are certain of the type of service and provisions you will receive, and your family is relieved of much of the financial strain that bereavement brings.

We are proud of our association with Golden Charter the UK’s largest pre-paid funeral plan provider. As well as being fully personalised, a Golden Charter funeral plan can be carried out by any number of over 3,000 independent funeral homes around the UK. Crucially, the money you put into the plan is looked after by an Independent Board of Trustees.

The cost of the funeral plan is determined by what provisions you include but generally it is similar to the cost of a funeral at today’s prices. And whether the funeral plan is used in one, 10, 50 years or more the Funeral Director’s fees are guaranteed; that means there is nothing further to pay. Only a small supplement to Disbursements may be required if these costs (crematorium, minister, musician, etc.) rise higher than inflation.

Just a few of the advantages to Funeral Planning:

  • Peace of mind – you choose your exact funeral requirements
  • You allow your family to grieve without the added burden of financial concerns
  • There are no age limits or health restrictions
  • The Funeral Director’s fees are 100% guaranteed

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